Top 5 helpful benefits of Microblading

Top 5 helpful benefits of Microblading

Microblading is a very popular way to enhance the natural brow and there are many benefits of Microblading which act as a great alternative to using normal makeup to fill in the brow area. 

If you struggle with your brows, Microblading could be the perfect solution for you.  Sparse brows, brows lacking in definition and shape, barely there brows… all ideal candidates for Microblading.  However, even if you already have fuller brows but need help with the shape, Microblading can also help with this!

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup making this a fuss-free option for brows to stay put over a long period.  Brow shapes can be designed to suit your face shape while providing a subtle lift – in a very natural way.  To learn more about Microblading and expectation for results, read my earlier post here – it provides all the information on the practical side of the service.


5 ways Microblading can benefit you

  1. LONGEVITY – Microblading can last realistically anywhere between 6-18 months before needing a top-up.  Results can vary depending on skin type and lifestyle factors.  Daily brow shaping and makeup routines just got easier;
  2. AFFORDABLE SOLUTION – Aside from the initial outlay, the regular brow appointments you had to book for tints/shaping just got cut from your budget;
  3. YOUTHFUL APPEARANCE – With some new definition and shape enhancement, your appearance can look much more youthful.  A subtle lift in the brow arch can really make a positive difference – like a little mini facelift without the hefty price tag for surgery;
  4. TIME SAVING – You can save yourself some time on a morning when your brows are already done;
  5. POLISHED AND GROOMED – Microbladed brows look more defined when looked after and maintained.  They can really provide a polished look even when not wearing any makeup.

How can I book a Microblading appointment?

If you are first time client with me, you must book a free consultation prior to booking a Microblading appointment.  Appointments are held at my studio in Redcar.  All appointments can be booked here.

Gemma Clark x