My top 25 expert tips for everything you need in your wedding day emergency items kit

My top 25 expert tips for everything you need in your wedding day emergency items kit

Years of wedding industry experience has taught me a wedding day emergency items kit is always required…

Have you considered a wedding day emergency kit as part of your wedding planning? In all my years of working as a bridal Makeup Artist in the wedding industry, I have rarely “just been a Makeup Artist”.  Many times I have been there when help has been needed to fasten dresses, fix nails, calm down the anxious Mother of the Bride, find items which have gone missing in the messy chaos of the bridal suite… and these aren’t the worst of the situations.  I have unfortunately worked on weddings where bigger issues have been problematic… unseasonal windy gales forcing the closure of wedding day venues (on the day!), flowers not turning up, a bridesmaid dress breaking at the zip (with the bridesmaid being stitched in to the dress with only 20 minutes before the service), photographers having to cancel due to sickness.  It is always unfortunate when emergencies arise and some things can’t be helped.  However, being a wedding professional I have seen enough mishaps to know that an emergency wedding day kit is very helpful.  Even the daftest of items which you wouldn’t necessarily think about… 

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Check out my go-to helpful list of wedding day emergency items kit

Wedding day emergency kit

  1. Tissues/handkerchief – Every Makeup Artist will tell you “pat, dont wipe” when it comes to drying any tears on the wedding day.  Fold a paper tissue flat and pop it in your bag.  You could even get personalised fabric tissues made with the wedding details on as a keepsake.  Get it stitched in blue – there is your something blue.
  2. Sewing kit – This is an absolute must.  The amount of times I have seen issues on the big day where garments have required a quick repair.
  3. Glue – From fixing jewellery, broken nails or wedding decor, make sure you have this cheap quick fix with you.
  4. Stain remover – Accidents happen, food and drinks are dropped… a stain remover will be invaluable if you need it.
  5. Phone charger – Common sense but in the event you or your bridal party get caught short with battery power, pack a charger.
  6. Cash – Carry a bit of cash.  You might decide to add an extra bridesmaid/special guest on to your makeup booking on the day or need to pay for an additional supplier in the event of an emergency… anything can happen!
  7. Lint roller – Particularly important for gents in dark suits for example.  Imagine an expensive suit being ruined by rogue pet hair from home before setting off for the wedding day.
  8. Plasters – All that dancing might cause some blisters.
  9. Nail kit – I have seen many false nail mishaps on wedding days.  If you have gone for an acrylic/gel nail design, pack a similar nail colour, a nail file and nail clippers in the event of losing a nail.  A quick repair job looks better than a bare broken nail.
  10. Safety pins – For any emergency fastening requirements (I have seen many of those too!)
  11. Breath mints – Freshen up quickly with a mint if you don’t have time for a little refresh at the venue during the day.
  12. Pain relief – Stress headaches, hangovers, sprains for overzealous move-busting – you will be grateful for packing some pain relief.
  13. Personal hygiene products – Plan for any unscheduled visitors.
  14. Makeup touch up kit – I always advise my bridal clients to pack a few small items to refresh makeup – such as a lippy, translucent powder and blotting paper for this oily skin clients.
  15. Bottled water – Hydration is vital on the big day.  It’s a long, busy day and its easy to forget to sip the water but it will be good for your skin pre-makeup application, will keep you fuller between meals and keep your brain alert.  
  16. Extra tights – For anyone in your party who might be wearing tights with their outfit – there is nothing worse than a ladder on a special occasion.
  17. Sunscreen – Especially important on a spring/summer day.  Don’t get caught out getting burnt while you are enjoying your Pimms on the lawn with your guests.
  18. Spare earrings – Special jewellery is likely to be worn on a wedding day however in the event of losing an earring back, dropping a stud on a patterned carpet or any breakages, take some extra jewellery just incase.
  19. Deodorant – It seems like a basic suggestion but the amount of people who forget to pack it and then panic when they start getting the inevitable anxiety nervous sweat!
  20. Straws for drinking – If you are going for a bold, statement lip colour, maintain that perfect pout by drinking through a straw.
  21. Tweezers – a multi purpose item.
  22. Heel protectors – If you are having an outdoor wedding, or planning on wading through the gorgeous countryside to capture the perfect photos, heel protectors will do exactly that.
  23. Fabric steamer – Items can get creased when packed to travel to a venue.  Steamers can be hired but they are now available fairly cheaply on Amazon for example.  Take the stress out of last minute ironing at your venue with this handy little gadget – which can be used after the wedding too!
  24. Lash glue – Your lashes should feel secure once your makeup is applied but humidity, excessive tears and toddlers “grabby” hands can all play havoc with strip lashes.  Give yourself the extra protection by packing some lash glue.
  25. Lip balm – Your lipstick will also apply better on hydrated lips but sometimes, its hard to keep them moisturised if you have been under the weather, stressed, working in environments where the heat or the cold are factors so keep them topped up with moisture.

Be prepared!

I would hope your wedding day runs as smoothly and stress-free as possible.  The day takes so long to arrive – it should be enjoyed and cherished when it does.  So help yourself by being organised… 

I hope this list has been helpful,  Your suppliers are experts in their own field but have lots of experience when it comes to the running order of your big day so trust their advice and relax.

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