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Creative Beauty

Creative makeup is a personal passion of mine.  With creative work, it’s not always about creating pretty look. In other words, let your imagination run wild.  This is the perfect opportunity to use the face and body as a canvas.  It is about making a statement and creating a unique vision.  Similarly, many huge celebrities use creative beauty in their stage shows and promotional campaigns as it is an exaggerated form of expression. For example. some brands often use creative makeup as a way to showcase their products in an interesting way.

Make your brand stand out

Through my love of creative makeup I have worked on for some really interesting jobs.  Some makeup jobs are not even related to the beauty industry.  I have great relationships with some beauty brands I work with on a regular basis.  Above all, creative makeup is all about self expression and pushing boundaries.  For me, that’s a really exciting prospect.  I love that my work inspires businesses to use creative makeup to advertise their brand. I enjoy experimenting with colours and textures.  However, creative beauty is not all about using makeup products.  Quite often I use non-makeup products to add an interesting twist.  You can see more of my creative work on Instagram.

British Muse is a fashion-led glossy magazine

I am Creative Beauty Director for British Muse magazine.  This involves actively seeking amazing creatives on social media, building relationships with brands and creating forward-thinking editorial looks for print. British Muse is a glossy look book and was launched in March 2020.  We are welcoming new submissions to the magazine.  Therefore, if your vibe is luxury, sex and rock and roll, get in touch!  

Hire Gemma Clark for brand and beauty campaigns

If you are a business or beauty brand and you are interested in working with me on a campaign or a PR collaboration , please contact me on to discuss your requirements.

Gemma Clark – Makeup Artist and Creative Beauty Director x