Top 7 common makeup mistakes that make you look older

The top 7 common makeup mistakes that make you look older

Using makeup is one of the best ways we can boost our confidence and feel amazing if we need a pick me up. Yet there are some common makeup mistakes that make you look older.

As we age and our skin matures, it is important to refresh and refine your products and techniques so that makeup helps us look more youthful. I chat to so many clients who tell me they have stopped wearing makeup because they have lost their confidence in applying it, or that they have used the same products for years and are stuck in a rut. Some clients even choose to wear the same look they have worn for the last 20 years because they like it – regardless of any advice on how to update it. They like what they like and that’s it.

However, learning how to refresh your look can literally take years of you – and who wouldn’t want that? Quite often, this means updating some products in your makeup bag but this is one of the best ways to start getting a more youthful complexion. I totally understand for some people its hard to even know where to begin so here is my list of common makeup mistakes that are actually aging you.

  • CAKEY FOUNDATION MAKES SKIN LOOK WORSE – Heavy, matte foundation will sit in every line, crease and pore. Matte foundations make the complexion look dull and lack lustre. Thick consistency foundation is too heavy. The worst culprit for making mature skin look worse is Estee Lauder Double Wear. Sorry to all the hardcore fans… buts its bloody awful on mature skin;
  • NEGLECTED EYEBROWS – Badly drawn eyebrows, ungroomed eyebrows or simply no effort to define in any way them at all can really make a difference to your face – not in a good way. If you plan to fill in your eyebrow shape, try to follow the natural pattern and shape of your own brows. Lifting the arch is like a mini-face lift but if the tail comes too low, it can drag your face down. Also curly, round brows always look better when elongated slightly – it is a more flattering shape;
  • FROSTED EYESHADOWS/GLITTER – Avoid! Frosted eyeshadows and glitter are the worst products you can use on mature skin. The eye has the thinnest part of the skin on the face which is why this is one of the first places to show the first signs of aging. Frosted eye makeup or glitter will highlight the tiny creases in the eye making this area look older;
  • THICK BLACK EYELINER – This is a very harsh look and not many mature skinned clients can pull this off. A dark liner can close down the eye giving the appearance of the eyes look smaller which is aging;
  • TOO MUCH HIGHLIGHTER ON THE BROW BONE – A full sweep of frosted highlighter under the brows should be left in the 1980s. A small amount of highlighter strategically place can brighten and open the eye and can look very pretty when it catches the light but a light application, carefully placed is the more youthful approach;
  • MATTE LIPSTICK/LIPSTAIN – Matte lip products can be very dehydrating for the lips. Also, as skin matures, its common to loose the plumpness in the lips and matte lip products (especially darker shades) will only enhance this if you have an insecurity about it;
  • OVERUSING FACE POWDERS – Layering up on face powders is a super quick way to add 10 years to your complexion. A finely milled translucent powder to set makeup is ok – but switching up your other powder face products (such as blusher and bronzer) to a creamy/liquid option will help to create a younger complexion.

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